This series of blog posts represents the coordinated effort of Fandom's "Best Practices" working group. The advice presented in the guidelines of these posts has been examined and reviewed for a community's best suggestions for success and growth by a panel of representatives from many areas of Fandom staff (including user and editor experience, growth verticals, and SEO). Wherever possible, these posts include applicable outside research from experts throughout the web.

Blog posts

Best Practices
Blog Title Author Published
Images that engage FishTank 2019-07-03
Images are key to growing a readership for a community's articles. Thinking about how and why images are used is important, and compelling images can uniquely inspire and engage your readers to contribute useful information.
The best possible local navigation bar Mira Laime 2019-07-26
Users rely heavily on the local navigation bar to find their way around. Visitors should find what they're looking for easily, and be able to gauge very quickly what other kind of content there is to explore on a wiki.
Main Pages for Fandom FishTank 2019-08-09
Main Pages are a gateway into the core of your community, and a hub for navigating within.
Categories and Navigation on Fandom FishTank 2019-08-23
A broad look at using categories and other navigation to organize and map your community for readers.
Organized spaces on Fandom FishTank 2019-09-20
Using curated categories to organize your wiki.
Articles on Fandom FishTank 2019-10-07
Crafting articles to draw in readers.
Showing Data on Fandom FishTank 2019-11-01
Displaying tables and other data fixtures in articles.
Templates and Scripting on Fandom FishTank 2019-11-23
A look at automation, JavaScript, and template usage.

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