"Taro Yamada" is the main character in Shobon Adventure, appearing in every Adventure to date.

According to his statements (if they are to be trusted by players), Taro is a college age male who suffers from severe social anxiety and a desire to be loved.

Shobon Adventure Edit

Throughout Shobon Adventure, Taro is shown to be naive and/or unintelligent, believing almost anything the player tells him (though he is smart enough to refuse any actions that would either kill him or put him in immediate danger). Taro's reliance on the player causes him to grow more and more attached to the player (to the point where he calls male players his "best friend" and expressing romantic interest towards female players), eventually exhibiting stalker-like behavior towards the player.

Eventually, Taro asks the player to accompany him to "hang out". This results in one of two scenarios:

If the player is male, Taro will lead the player to a bar. From here, Taro explains how he is aware that he is in a game, and expresses desire to enter the real world in order to further pursue his friendship with the player. Taro then asks the player if they'd really be his friend if he was "real". Selecting "Yes" makes Taro happy, and expressing his gratitude towards his "best friend". Selecting "No" will cause Taro to look dejected, before solemnly stating that he "understands", before pulling out a revolver and committing suicide, much to the bar patrons' (and presumably the player's) horror.

If the player is female, Taro will lead them under a cherry blossom tree. From here, he (rather awkwardly) pulls out a rose, before confessing his feelings towards the player as romantic music plays. Taro then asks the player if they'd be his girlfriend. Selecting "Yes" causes Taro to look both surprised yet overjoyed, before hugging the player rather tightly, and giving them a kiss. Selecting "No" causes the music to stop suddenly, as Taro's eyes begin to fill with tears. He then pulls out a knife from his pocket, stating that "if [he] can't have you, no one can." before the screen cuts to black.

Trivia Edit

  • Taro is heavily based on the "main protagonist" of the "Denko Saga", a story from 2chan made around 2011.
  • If Taro's birthday (March 10,1990) and age (21) are both to be believed, then Shobon Adventure would then be set sometime in 2011.
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